There is no substitute for 25+ years experience. Our close associations within the industry allow industry specific training and insights that greatly enhance our installation delivery capabilities. Skills get refined by developing great technique with trade craft.

We essentially provide skilled subcontracting Audio Visual Technicians and Assistants to an array of companies, assisting with any Audio Visual installation requirement your company may have. We have expertise in AV rack building, custom wiring to specifications and also have technicians available to cable, terminate and product install all of your AV projects needs.

This provides great flexibility for larger integrator's as we provide vehicles, all associated human resources expenses (Super, Taxation and other HR).

When you do the math's and consider our proficiency and installation expertise combined with the fact that we guarantee our workmanship.It makes great business sense to engage us on your key and time sensitive medium to large projects.

​We take great pride in successful project delivery that goes beyond expectations, as well as enjoying the comradeship created within dynamic teams preforming at optimum potential.

Talk to us today about how we can assist with your key or time sensitive projects..

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